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Software Development

Since 1994 we have been specializing in creating custom, web-enabled and cross-platform business computing solutions. Working for such companies as MediaOne (now AT&T Broadband), Amgen (worlds largest Biotechnology company), USWest (now Qwest), IBM, and various small businesses.

  • Oracle and PeopleSoft- Oracle Corporation, PeopleSoft:  For all of 1999 and 2000, we have been a key developer for MediaOne (now part of AT&T) in the implementation, customization, and on-going support of the PeopleSoft 7.5 Financials application recently installed. We have played a crucial role in developing key perfomance enhancements of the system which is based on Oracle 8.0.5 and is running on a HP K-series UNIX box running HP-UX 10.0.3. We have developed numerous PL/SQL routines to improve the performance of slower SQRs and we the primary designers and developers of the system that converted MediaOne's PeopleSoft data to AT&T's Oracle Financials system. We also developed numerous SQR's, custom SQL scripts, various Crystal Reports, and did system maintenance using PeopleCode and PeopleTools. Module of expertise is the GL module and maintained and enhanced a custom budgeting solution implemented by PeopleSoft and Arthur Anderson Consulting prior to our arrival at MediaOne.

  • Linux, mySQL, and PHP- RedHat Corporation, mySQL, PHP:  We have developed numerous custom web-based applications, including the most complete source of water data for Lake Powell on the web Lake Powell Water Database and online application to track the number of Striped Bass removed from Lake Powell SHAD League.

    Our newest online applications are mailing list mail databases. These databases automatically check a specific mailbox, download the mail to our database and there you can search our Mailing List Mail DBs for any message that has been sent since we started up the databases. This is MUCH easier and faster than posting an email message on these mailing lists and waiting for a response. Often times with these mailing lists you have to sign-up for all messages and then you are blitzed with literally hundreds of emails. Currently, we have MYSQL-Help and PHP-General Mailing List Mail databases

    These online database applications were developed on a Linux server using PHP (a GREAT tool) and mySQL.

  • 4th Dimension- ACI US: Long the leading database on the Macintosh, 4th Dimension is now the preeminent cross platform development tool on the market. With single source across multiple platforms, 4D provides the fastest and easiest way to deploy mission critical applications to the field in a mixed computing environment. And with 4D Server, platform independent client-server solutions can be developed to meet your custom needs and provide workgroup computing solutions at a fraction of the time and expense of today's enterprise wide solutions.
  • David's Resume This is a link to the resume of David Fordham, our President and Sr Software Engineer:

Web Site Design

    At the Summit Technologies Design Studio we specialize in creating custom web sites that represent the uniqueness of each client's business. We use such tools as javascript, Cyberstudio , Illustrator , Photoshop , HTML, and more. To learn more about our services, visit our Virtual Design Studio web site!


#1 Greek Product

The House Manager

    The House Manager (THM) is a a full featured, commercial application written expressly to meet the specific needs of Fraternity and Sorority Houses. THM v2.8 is currently available in identical versions for Macs, Power Macs, Windows 95/98, and Windows NT

    Version 2.8 of The House Manager is now available!!

    From creating budgets to tracking donations from Alumni to tracking member and managing the chapter checking accounts with the built in Quicken-like checking system , The House Manager does it all.

    See the THM Home Page

The House Manager - Run your chapter like the business it is!

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