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The brent eley foundation was established by Donn & Linda Eley shortly after their 13 year old son, Brent Eley, was diagnosed and a year later died from cancer. From their tragic experience grew a need to help others going through the battles of cancer. Their mission is to provide a home for family members dealing with the scary reality of cancer.

The foundation owns 5 apartments and a "lodge" ("brent's place") just outside of Children’s Hospital. The foundation was created to offer these families housing, a support system and education. The need for the brent eley foundation arises in the every day, local, "hands on" outreach to families who are suffering. The need arises as families call out for friendship to help them through a crisis, as the parent sifts through bills that can't be paid, and when parents are new to the world of "cancer" and have no idea what the doctor is really saying. It is things such as these that make The brent eley foundation an important link in these people’s lives. It’s not just for the housing, but for the support and love.

Summit Technologies has teamed together with the brent eley foundation to set up a computer lab in "brent's place" so that family members, who are often times living away form family and friends, have the ability to use email, research their family members' cancer, reach out for support, and fill their time with something other than the walls they pace at Childrens.

Once the computer lab is up and running we plan to volunteer our services to help educate the families about the world wide web and the Internet. We will post notices on the progress of the project!

For more information about the brent eley foundation visit their web site, www.brenteleyfoundation.com


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