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"A Web site's design isn't window dressing, it's key to communication."

-Darcy Dinucci
MacWEEK Columnist.

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At the Summit Technologies studio we specialize in creating custom web sites that represent the uniqueness of each client's business. Our goal is to design a web site that is understandable, approachable, usable, and effectively represents the goals of each company.

We recognize that a successful web site design and layout for one company may be a disaster for the next. For this reason, we provide a detailed online "Company Profile" form (the information may also be completed over the phone or in person). This provides our staff with the necessary information needed to clearly see your companies site objectives and goals, establish a budget, and identify the resources needed to piece together the basic structure & feel of your site.

After we have collected your company profile and have agreed upon a work for hire contract, we begin the process of developing your site.

There are four basic steps we follow when developing a web site:

    I. Planning
    - quite possibly the most important step!
    Planning is one of the most important steps in web site development, unfortunately it is also one of the most overlooked steps. We take special care in finding out exactly what your company wants before we getting into the "Creating" stage of our process. We start by compiling all of the materials for the site (pictures, text, and other needed resources). Then we decide upon the basic user interface and means of navigation. Then we begin sketching different concepts until we agree on the basic "look and feel' of the site. Once we've completed our overall plan we move to the "Creating" step.

    Completion generally takes between 1 and 3 weeks.

    II. Creating - this is where the fun begins!
    This is where your site begins to take on shape and color! During this process we will have an area on our web site where you and your staff can watch and critique the development of the site. By maintaining an open dialogue with you during this stage, we can make sure your are getting what you expect and deserve. Once this stage is complete, say "Hello World".

    Completion generally takes between 1 and 8 weeks.

    III. Hello, World - time to launch your site!
    At this time we transfer your new web site data to your URL location (www.yourcompany.com). We test your new site to make sure it is performing up to expectation and then we move to the "Marketing" step.

    Completion generally between 1 and 2 weeks

    IV. Marketing - let your page be known!
    Would you spend $1000 on a huge "End of the Year Bash!" and not invite any of your friends? We should hope not, otherwise you may find yourself sitting with a bunch of spoiled food!

    Similarly, if you don't let people know you have a web site, why would they look? Far to often people forget about this aspect of web site design and they end up with minimal visitors to their site. We can help by letting the world know you are on the internet!

    Completion generally 1 week

Our overall goal is to design a site that is successful in effectively representing the unique assets of your company. We take pride in our ability to see and deliver what our customers need.

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