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World Wide Web:
A slice of the Internet with a graphical user interface. The "web" is composed of web servers that provide access to web sites, web documents, and web ready graphics.

Hosting Options:
Equipment - your site will be hosted on either an NT or UNIX Server
Backup - our servers are backed up daily to protect your information.
Network - for faster and reliable servers, your site will be hosted on one of two DS-3's!
Plans - Starting from $19.95, there is a plan that is right for your hosting needs.

Summit Tech Hosting Plans

Plan 1_______________________$19.95/mo
$16.96/mo when paid annually (15% discount)

80 MB of Hard Disk Storage
2500 MB of Monthly Transfer
Free www.domain.com Registration
WebTrends site statistics analyzer
Private CGI-BIN Directory
Unlimited POP3 accounts
Unlimited FTP updates

Plan 2_______________________$39.95/mo
$33.96/mo when paid annually (15% discount)

120 MB of Hard Disk Storage
5000 MB of Monthly Transfer
Free Domain Registration
WebTrends site statistics analyzer
Private CGI-BIN Directory
Unlimited POP3 accounts
Unlimited FTP updates
SQL Server
Real Audio® and Real Video®

Plans 3 & 4 _____________$69.95/mo and up
$59.46/mo and up when paid annually (15% discount)

Build upon plan 2 features
Added Hard Disk space
Added Monthly Transfer
Same fast and reliable service!

Your Web Site Will Be Hosted On The Following:
NT Servers:
Multiple Dual Pentium Pro 300 (2 CPU's)
Multiple Quad Pro 300 (4 CPU's)
UNIX Servers:
Multiple Silicon Graphics Web Force Servers
All Systems:
RAID 5, with built in 64 Megabyte Cache
Cheetah 10,000 RPM
Dual Power Supplies
There are currently two DS-3's:
A DS-3 (or T-3) is 28 T-1's at 45 Megabytes per second, which means the throughput is 90MB per second with both DS-3's.
6 T-1's are used in backing up the DS-3's
Cisco Routers:
Cisco 7507 's
Cisco 2524 's
Cisco 2501 's
10 Terabyte Daily Backup
7 Day Backup Storage
The batteries are backed up by Gas Generators which means we can run for up to 48 hours with no power, on batteries.

What does all of this mean?
State of the art servers=Fast & Reliable

Additional Information:
1. Additional Disk Space: $0.75/Per Megabyte Per Month
2. Additional Data Transfer: $0.10/Per Megabyte Per Month
3. All plans are available on NT and UNIX at no extra charge, however, some features are platform specific.
4. Updates via FTP, or Frontpage, are unlimited, at no extra charge.
5. Summit Tech will register domains outside of the United States for an additional $250.00.

CALL TOLL FREE: 888.833.7360 or 303.740.8791
ORDER ONLINE: www.summittech.com/hostingorder.html
EMAIL: sales@summittech.com

Please contact us with any questions!
303.740.8791 @ 1.888.833.7360.







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