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If any questions come up while you are filling out this form please contact us and a knowledgeable Summit Technologies representative will be happy to help!

This form is designed to give Summit Tech an idea of what you want in a web site. If there is something you want done to your site and it isn't presented in a question, please tell us about it in the space provided at the end.

The more specific you are while answering the following questions, the better we will be able to meet your needs!
Company Information:
Company Name
Business Industry
Contact Name
Street Address
Email Address
Telephone Number
Web Site Message:
Define your market(s):
Use 3 adjectives to describe how the site should be perceived by users:
List your web site goals in order of important (1 = most important)
Describe your business and its purpose:
What is your purpose for a Web Page?
Who is your Target Audience?
What is the primary message your company wishes to convey?
Secondary objectives and overall goals you hope to achieve:
How will you measure the site successfulness?
What services and/or products does you company currently offer?
Plan to offer in the future?
Will you be selling products or services online? How many products?
How is customer service handled? (i.e. telephone support, email, etc.)
Is there a certain style or theme you would like to follow throughout your web site?
(i.e. current logo's, brochure designs, company slogan, colors, theme, etc.)
What is the budget for this project? Is there an acceptable budget range depending on the level of services provided? Please Explain.
What are the schedule requirements?
How does your company differentiate from the competition?
List the names and URL addresses (www.company.com) of your competition:
What do you like or dislike about each of your competitors sites?
List at least 3 other URL's that you like. What do you like about them?
(i.e. quality of graphics, quality of content, colors, look and feel of site, etc.)
Graphics and Pictures:
Does your company currently have photographs that are web ready
(i.e. gif, jpeg, png format)?
Yes No
If yes, how many?
Do you have pictures to be scanned and enhanced? How Many?
Does your company currently have graphics that are web ready
(i.e. gif, jpeg, png format)?
Yes No
If yes, how many ?
Does your company have a logo?
Yes No
Do you currently have text for the web site (i.e. Company Profile, News, etc.)?
Yes No
If yes, in what form will it be delivered?
Please check all that apply:
Word Excel Paper Other
Database Applications:
Do you have a database to integrate into your site?
Yes No
If yes, what format is it written in? (i.e. Access, Filemaker, etc)
If no, are you interested in having one built?
Yes No

*If you are interested, a database representative will contact you with more details.

What would be the primary purpose for the database?
Site Updates/Maintenance:
Who will be updating your site?
Someone from your company
Summit Technologies, Inc.
If by Summit Technologies, how often?
Once a week
Twice a month
Once a month
Custom Features:
Check all that apply:
Custom Forms - How many pages (8.5 X 11)?
Mouseover's (action occurs when mouse is dragged over a picture or word)
Password protected pages
Shopping Cart
Chat Room
Custom CGI scripting
Animated Gif's
Web Hosting:
Has your company registered a unique domain name (i.e. www.yourcompany.com)?
Yes No
If yes, what is it?
If no, does your company plan on registering a *unique name? (Around $150 every 2 years)
Yes No
*Your other option is to add onto an ISP's name (i.e. www.ISPname.com/yourcompany)
Does your company have an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
Yes No
If yes, what is the ISP's web address?
OR Telephone number?
Do you have any current expectations for your site? Is there anything you want on your site that wasn't asked about in this questionnaire? Please Explain.
What questions and/or comments do you have for Summit Technologies Design?:
How did you hear about Summit Technologies, Inc?
**Please wait a moment after pressing the "Submit" button before you press it again. It takes a moment to register!


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